This Summer think Hippie, or maybe just a Hippy Bra

Boho Bras Summer Fashion written by: pricelindy

Welcome to the summer–where the water is warm, the ice cream is cold and the sun is blazing. There are a lot of different summer fashions out there to try out each year, but one particular style that has yet to disappear or fail to be popular among the masses is the bohemian wear. There are a few reasons for this: it offers a unique look and continues to be a lot more cozy than other summer wear.

Bohemian-style clothing has a very retro look to it. The style looks it could come right out of the 1960’s and aims to be both comfortable and trendy. The clothing, in general, is very loose and often colorful with bold patterns that fit in well with the relaxed mood of the summer. For many people who spend their time at the beach or maybe just like being able to go out, bohemian fashion works really well. It’s not going to chafe or become uncomfortable under the hot sun like form-fitting clothes, and it’s easier to remove for a dip in the pool. Although this style does offer dresses, pants and shirts, a favorite among many is the hippy bra.


The hippy bra, like all bohemian fashion, stands out as being supportive but also a lot less restrictive than a typical bra for maximum comfort. There’s varying styles of the hippy bra: some may be similar looking to a normal bra–but much more comfy–while others may cover part of the stomach and could very well be worn as both a bra and a top.

A popular design with the hippy bra is the crocheted look. This makes the material slightly looser, and also gives it a much more tropical feel as well. Pairing it with some shorts and sandals would make it the perfect beach outfit for anyone. They come in all kinds of colors–from white to match tanned skin to bright pink.

As the summer approaches, now is not the time to pull out the tight, thick bras that leave your skin chafed and with indents. Instead, throw on one of the many styles of the hippy bras and head out for the day. The piece of clothing and the bohemian fashion-style in general has a lot of usefulness: shirts and dresses can be thrown on to cover up bathing suits, or even just the hippy bra itself can be worn as a top. Welcome to the summer–where the water is warm, the ice cream is cold and the hippy bra is a must-have.

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